Summer Bedrooms: Renew All, With Little Investment

Beds with matching curtains or courtesy is an excellent way to give a bedroom makeover summer. It is also by far the cheapest and easiest way to transform your room! Do not bother to touch a brush! you can get a stunning fresh look of the room with a little imagination.

Get ready for summer with this model of large flowers!
This bedding set comes in subtle color tones and Duckegg Rose and the bolder, brighter option Magenta. We can use the polipima printed fabrics …. There are various models with large, colorful prints, we can use to make quilts dream!
Joy Rose Duvet Cover
Alternatively, we can combine the bedding, curtains solid color if lining (obviously match the bedding) or at least shades of the same fabric polipima. 
Taking ua different fabric shades, we have the ability and freedom to brighten your room albeldrìo as the days get longer and the sun gets stronger.
For example the Odyssey duvet cover, a modern, abstract flower on a background of white light with a refreshing blend of green, blue and dark brown.
Duvet Cover Green Odyssey
Also consider an oriental floral design with printing fine detail (there are fabrics printed with these details). Again, you can pair it with a pair of standard size curtains to display all coordinated
Red Oriental Flower Duvet Cover
The winter so elegant parquet, becomes the perfect partner to provide summer highlight and luminosity, being part of a room undoubtedly very summery!
There are simple alternatives that change the view of your room, with very little investment!