Rooms Stylish Summer!

In time this summer …. enjoying the beautiful sun, our environment must also reflect all the energy in our homes summer, here are some alternatives and great photos of great brands to help us spoiling the look, and give us great ideas to improve our home.
Saffron yellow blankets Hermès, snow white bedding by Calvin Klein Home, and a Navajo and former Brave brighten the room carpet fashion and Kelly Klein Florida retirement. Photographer muse Akari paper lamps by Isamu Noguchi and custom made pine beds lend a rustic but cultivated.
When the weather warms, bedroom interior designer Eric Hughes in Wainscott, New York remains fresh, thanks to a range of rich color and black-white extending from the covers of Africa to a photograph of Michael Dweck . cabinets with mirror to reflect the sunlight beside filtered, and the yellow flowers perched on the bunks.

A cofounder of tissues SeaCloth, Susan Harris wearing her bedroom in Connecticut with complementary colors of sky and garden. The Shaker style bed is painted a medium blue and touches of green grass tune the system, linking the stingrays, bedding and bathroom walls beyond. As we see are multiple alternatives, different shades, all in pro to have a beautiful room!. Until next time.