Exotic Bedroom Green and Brown

EXOTIC BEDROOMS became fashionable a few years ago

Years ago talking about the exotic bedrooms, was linked only to the cottages …. Now we can give to our exotic room air in our home, in the middle of the city, the noise of cars, pollution, etc ….. not an impediment for us to make our room where you expect and dream. make us feel … alien.

In itself, the wood furniture is the key piece in an exotic atmosphere. The “WOODY” leads to the combination with bright colors like lime green, orange, yellow, turquoise, fuchsia, sky blue.

Exotic Bedroom

A tall plant.

Dare to change your curtains fabrics provisionally only occasionally with falls you’ve ever used, many cushions, some clor on the comforter, and if your home has large windows, you’re happy!

Open them, enjoying the air, lights an incense …. and activate your inner voice!