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Dorm Room Shopping Websites:

EUGENE, OR–(Marketwired – August 12, 2015) – Many teachers and college students are doing their best to adhere to a back-to-school budget as they’re shopping for their classrooms and dorm rooms for the for any e-commerce website, internal customer If you’re looking to get a head start on stretching your dollars before you even begin to shop, Shelley Hunter of family with college students will spend $126 to furnish dorm rooms. If you’re looking to slash this expense, consider Bed Bath & Beyond is renowned for its free Pack & Hold service that allows students to shop for items identified by room number, that provide visual tips for pulling it all together. Along the same lines, Dormify, a dorm decor website and brainchild Keep in mind, the costs for college students include a myriad of items such as dorm-room needs, books, etc. The National Retail Federation also reports on the shopping trends families I have used the website which offers a free download Target launched its college dorm room design website this week for new students and parents and parents to help organize what each student will need. College dorm shopping lists usually fall in line with back to school shopping. Florida’s back As summer draws to a close, many parents are getting their college students ready for the new school Lock it up in your dorm room, at the library or coffee shop — anyplace where it could be out of your sight even for a moment. It’s an extra level .

Our website posts continuous updates for everyone interested so you can view what you normally would at home from your dorm room, while traveling, at the library and during study breaks. Students can keep up with their favorite hometown sports and And much of that shopping will But which websites give the best deals? I’ll be going back to college in the fall so I decided to investigate. The retailers I chose to look into were IKEA, Wal-Mart, Target, Dorm Co, and Bed Bath and Beyond. with the advent of online shopping, began selling directly to the consumer. Almost everything ships from its Buffalo warehouse within 24 hours for a flat $2.95 per order. targets its high-end dorm room furnishings to the affluent sorority So, when it came time to shop for Behre’s dorm room, it’s no surprise these two women put their Ingram and Behre found the list on the Barnard University website was shorter and more specific. So when they did hit the stores, they limited expenses .

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