Dorm Room Exercises

Midterm Study Break: 5-minute Dorm Room Workouts By
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Dorm Room Exercises:

If you don’t have space to get on the floor to do regular back extensions, or you think dirt on your suit doesn’t make a good impression, do this popular back exercise standing up. Instead of lying face down and lifting your torso away from the floor My co-tester went off to college last week, and I’m a little worried about how he’ll keep in shape. Ever since I started this fitness gear column for the Los Angeles Times in 2002 — now up to 280 of them — my son, Joey, has helped me test pull-up bars Fit Five is a column by health science major and USF cross-country runner Shannon Gordon. Drawing from her education and experience, Gordon lists five ways to improve health and fitness. Three weeks into the beginning of the new year, many students are What’s that, you say? Cardio? In my dorm? But I don’t have a treadmillor an ellipticalor any space to run! Ladies, I’m here to tell you that it is totally possible to get a great cardio workout without ever leaving your dorm. So put down your books Although a small dorm room can make you feel constricted, you can still fit in a cardio workout. Photo Credit James Woodson/Digital Vision/Getty Images recommends that college students get 60 minutes of exercise every day. Classes and Since writing my last article, I discovered a great work out routine that you can do from the comfort of your dorm room using only things you have lying around, like text books and dorm furniture. Check it out here, but perhaps you ought to do this while .

Sweater and shoe closet organizers are great solutions for keeping closets tidy and will allow space to tuck away books, workout gear or even an iPad,” she explains. What can students do to brighten a dark dorm room and make it look larger than it actually is? Other than that I’m just running the stairs. I think very passionately that yoga is the best dorm room exercise.” Depending on the weather, walking to Campus Recreation can be a relaxing trip or it could be frigid and undesirable. During winter the Working out also decreases stress, anxiety and moodiness. In other words, exercise could be the key to surviving college. We’re all crunched for time when May rolls around, so instead of dragging yourself to the gym, grab your laptop, phone, tablet or TV .

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