Decorating With The Hippie! Decoration Hippie From Dorms

In adolescence …. because everything sometimes unexplainable …. the truth is that each time new generations bring up past generations, but in a cool way. Even being quite far from the 60. What continues to inspire Hippie! And what that means!

This item you can feast your eyes on some nice thoughts for habiatación hippie, or at least, instruct a little on your creation!

Creating your own Space Hippie

1. Make a list of what you like in the 60s. Is it the music? Politics? The psychedelic art? Decide what issues mean the most to you and pick up some posters that reflect your interests. You can be reproductions of posters for the band the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead, or posters with inspirational quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. If you look for a psychedelic, find art posters with bright colors and surreal images. You can also use reproductions of newspaper and magazine covers.

Decorating HippieDecorating Hippie1Decorating Hippie2Decorating Hippie3Decorating Hippie4

Do it yourself!

Many elements of the r-hippie look easy that you can do yourself. Paint the walls in a bright orange or purple wonderful. Based on the vision that you have of your bedroom, you can paint geometric shapes or a sign of general peace.

Remember that small imperfections are just a way to show that the painting was done by hand. Hang colorful scarves on doors and wall tapestries. Add a macramé planters and a few strands of beads to complete the look.

Try searching thrift stores for vintage equipment to complete the effect. A dress that is the wrong size can be hung on the wall as decoration. This is a style that is more true if you want to get away from your conventional parameters!