Cute Ideas for College Dorm Room with Colorful Accessories

If you are now living in a dorm for college, you must find cute ideas college dorm room from many sources to decorate your dorm room. Your dorm room determines your comfort during your study. You don’t have to be confused about where you should find the ideas. Just visit some of websites on the Internet providing such information. One of the best website you can visit is In the website, you will find a wide range of ideas to decorate your dorm room.

Think about the size of your dorm room

Dorm rooms are usually not too big. With a small size of room, you have to place your bed, furniture, cupboard, and book collection. You may find it very difficult to organize all those stuffs. However, you don’t have to worry about. If you organize those stuffs well, your room will still look more spacious. One thing you must consider is that you should select a smaller size for bed, table, and other furniture. Whenever possible, hang your book shelves on the wall so that you still have more spacious place. Otherwise, you can select a bed with higher column so that you can place your stuffs such as shoes or dirty clothes under the bed.

Consider the color

Having arranged your bed, table, cupboard and book shelves, you have to think about the accessories for your room. Curtains greatly effect the interior of your room. Hence, select the cute and colorful curtain to decorate your window. You can create the curtain yourself using old bed sheets. Use hot glue ribbon instead of sewing the sheet. Then, you can hang your photo collection on the wall. Manage your photo as creative as possible. You can arrange your photo with attractive photo frames or simply hang them on the wall. This will be cute ideas college dorm room for you.