Cute Dorm Room Ideas DIY

With some cute dorm room ideas DIY, you can add personal and unique touches to the dorm room. While most college students are afraid with the amount of money they should spend to redecorate their dorm room, there are some ways in which we can redecorate our dorm room without spending too much money.

Things To Do

Here are some easy, affordable and simple DIY dorm decorating ideas that you can use:

  • Making your own headboard
  • Using blocks or bed risers under the bed so that you can provide more space for storage
  • Recycling your old magazines into an alarm clock stand or a plant
  • Adding ribbons to frames for hanging
  • When it comes to lighting, you can use Christmas lights
  • Making your own photo frame from unused items such as your old CD cases
  • Making your own braided rag rug made of fabric scraps or old t-shirts
  • Adding posters to the wall
  • Decorating your boring lampshade with some decorative items
  • Transforming your boring table into a multi-purpose table

Easy and Practical Tips

After knowing some tips mentioned above, you know that decorating a dorm room can be very exciting. By exploring your creativity and imagination, you can transform your dorm room into a more beautiful room. Your dorm room should reflect your personality thus you need to add some items that suit with your style. With some tips mentioned above, it shouldn’t be a difficult task to make your dorm room look more elegant and beautiful. Although painting the walls is not allowed, the other solution to consider is to use posters. There are also other items that are easy to get and inexpensive such as fabric storage containers, baskets and a bulletin memo. So if you are looking for a way to transform your dorm room, you can apply these cute dorm room ideas DIY.