Cute College Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

With some cute college dorm room decorating ideas, college students can make their dorm room look more beautiful. Making a dorm room feels like home is definitely one great idea that many college students will love. The problem is not all college students are creative enough when redecorating their dorm room. While painting the wall is impossible, there are some cute and cheap ideas to transform your boring dorm room into a more beautiful dorm room.

Creative Ideas To Apply

Here are some simple, cheap and cute ideas that college students can use when they want to redecorate their dorm room:

  • Covering the walls with picture frames is one simple task that college students can do first. You can start with 10 picture frames and add more if you desire.
  • Next, curtains are one important element that a dorm room should have. There are many curtains available in which you can get one under $20. Since they are available in some different colors and designs, make sure that you choose curtains that can add more styles for your dorm room.
  • Adding a colored desk lamp is another great idea you can consider. A colored desk lamp is fairly inexpensive.
  • Dealing with storage is one issue that almost all college students find it difficult. If you want to add more space for storage, the best option is to raise the height of your bed so that you can provide more space under your bed.

Staying Organized

You should also choose accessories that are functional. Some of these items are hanging folders and a bulletin memo. They are not only beautiful but also very helpful to keep you organized. With these cute college dorm room decorating ideas, you can have a dorm room that is comfortable, stylish and feels like home.