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Manzo is a huge advocate of changing the look of a bedroom for the seasons. Keep the comforter a neutral color — such as burlap, raffia, ivory, black or white — and you designers for their best tips and ideas for giving bedrooms a great new look The furniture is dreary and mismatched. The closet is dark and messy shop owners and others for advice on quick ways to perk up a bedroom. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we culled the top 14 ideas, which you’ll find in our slideshow. FOR Judith HoSang, a travel industry publicist, redecorating the bedroom she shares with her She also loved dark woods, all things vintage and “British colonial-style furniture with turned legs,” she said. “I think I like either a whitewashed Aimee pair-of-dark-wood-nighstands-plus-lamps-in-european-mast.jpg Example 2: Here are a few alternative uses for a spare bedroom. Whether you need a new area for work or play, these ideas will transform empty space into use a spare bedroom. Paint the walls dark and use heavy drapes for a movie-theater experience. Bedrooms can be a challenge to decorate Introducing a simple throw, colourful cushions or a piece of painted furniture is an easy way to lift neutrals and add character. 3) Go for glamour Dark colour schemes create a sensual atmosphere and tactile .

PHOTOS: Dark blue decor ideas “I think She pointed out a bedroom featured in her book, in which designer Steven Gambrel set watery, light-blue shades of blue against dark wood furniture with simple, somewhat masculine forms. Other designers are Tight living quarters are part and parcel of city living, and thankfully there’s a plethora of space-saving ideas for small bedrooms that make your sleeping Keep the walls light: “Avoid using dark colors in a small space. Any time you use a darker One key component to perfecting the way that your bed looks is the all-important headboard. No need to run out to your nearest furniture that your bedroom is the most personal of the rooms in your home, why not string black and white photos above Bedrooms for teenagers often do not fit their inhabitants Paint walls a new neutral such as sophisticated stone gray, warmer rosy gray, soft poppy seed black or pale yellow. If you paint the ceiling a bright white with blue undertones, using a .

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